ERRC 3702 Series

EcoWater’s water refining system is available in a two-tank design. It is highly recommended as a complete water softening, chloramine, chlorine taste and odor filtration system for the whole home.

Features of the ERRC 3702 Water Refiner


HydroLinkPlus® Wi-Fi and Smartphone App Monitoring

HydroLinkPlus® – Wi-Fi enabled technology sends continuous and excessive water use, system error, low salt and service reminder alerts, including a water-to-drain sensing alert notifying you when an excessive amount of water is going to drain.

HydroLink® – Patented two-way remote monitoring also available.


Patented Electronics Digital Demand Module

Sophisticated, yet easy-to-use electronics capture historical usage patterns to predict future needs for precise regenerations.

err-3702-depiction of head

High Quality Fit and Finish


Patented Stratified Resin Bed

Layered mix of fine and standard size resin provides superior filtration and iron removal without sacrificing flow rate capability


Multi-Wrap Fiberglass Reinforced Resin Tank

Durable tank liner will not deteriorate, rust, or corrode.


Catalytic Coconut-Shell Carbon with 10 Year Warranty

Filters the water throughout the home without compromising water flow. Reduces chloramines, reduces chlorine taste and odor, extends resin life and eliminates the need for a separate carbon filter and filter changes.


Full One-Inch Riser with Self-Cleaning Distributors

One-inch diameter for increased flow rates, which ensures that household demand is adequately met. Distributors exhibit excellent flow rates and are cleaned automatically by counter-current water pressure.


Positive-Action Brine Valve

Snap-together construction eliminates use of solvents that may contaminate water. Positive action helps prevent overfilling.

ERRC 3702 Series Dimensions


ERCC 3702 Series Specifications

Efficiency (gr./lb. @ salt dose) 4,800 @ 4.5
Hardness Capacity (gr. @ max. lb. salt dose) 50,000 @ 17.4
Intermittent Flow Rate (gpm @ psi)1  15 @ 15
Intermittent Flow Rate (gpm @ psi)1 22 @ 30
Stratified Resin Bed (lbs.) 79.56
Quartz Gravel Base (lbs.) 10
Maximum Water Hardness (grains per gallon) 95
Chloramine Removal <70%2
Maximum Chlorine (ppm) 4
Approximate Water Used Each Regeneration (gal.)3 95
Salt Storage Capacity (lbs.) 300
Supply Water Pressure Limits (psi)4 20 - 125
Supply Water Temperature Limits (oF/oC) 40-100 / 4-38
Ambient Temperature Range (oF/oC) 35-150 / 2-66
Plumbing Connection Provided (inches) 1
Electrical Requirement, 120V, 50/60Hz, (24V DC, 500mA, power supply included)

1  Intermittent flow rate does not represent the maximum service flow rate used for determining the refiner’s rated capacity and efficiency. Continuous operation at flow rates greater than the certified flow rate may affect capacity and efficiency performance. The validity of these flow rates is verified by NSF.

2  >70% removal of chloramines for a minimum of 34,000 gallons @ 10 gpm. Typical residential chloramine level is < 1 ppm.

3 When operated at 35 psi water pressure.

4 Maximum pressure for Canadian use is 7.0 Kg/cm2 .

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